Dr Adrian Izzard
Dr Adrian Izzard

Adrian Izzard grew up amongst the tomatoes on the family small holding which was originally part of the Land Settlement Association. He still loves the rich botanical smell of a glasshouse full of tomatoes, which scented his school holidays picking and twisting the crop.

In the late 1990’s he came back to the 10 acre family small holding on completion of his PhD in human nutrition keen to restart growing after a 5 year period of fallow, when his parents had retired due to his fathers Parkinson’s disease.

Against most peoples wisdom that small scale horticulture was no longer a viable, he was passionate to make a living as a horticultural grower. The resurgent organic movement inspired him to convert the farm to an Organic system certified by the Soil Association. One major factor in this decision was that his father was suffering from Parkinson’s disease which he believed was linked to the use of organo-phospate pesticides, used in horticulture in the 70’s and 80’s. The other was the organic movement was would allow him to use the growing techniques he had grown up with. His father had always grown his greenhouse crops in the soil using muck from small pig breeding herd.

The nature of the organic customers and their preference for fresh tasty veg rather than bland, uniform vegetables also would allow him to choose more interesting varieties and grow for flavour,  rather than the cosmetic perfection of the conventional farming industry.

Slowly he repaired the greenhouses and step by step has developed a sustainable agricultural model of organic growing in unheated greenhouses. He has expanded the range from Cherry tomatoes to a complete range of herbs and vegetables. He now organically grows field crops, root veg and has just planted a range of soft fruit.

Wild Country Organics Ltd
11 Chalky Rd, Gt Abington, Cambridge CB21 6AT

Soil Association Food Award 2014
Winners of the Fresh Produce Category

Organic food awards  2012
Winners of the Vegetable Category.