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Wild Country Organics is an organic farm based in Abington, Cambridgeshire, growing a diverse range of seasonal vegetables and supplying them to people in and around London through Farmers markets.
We have been certified organic by the Soil Association since 1998 when the grower, Adrian Izzard, converted the family farm to organic production.
We’ve worked at developing our organic growing techniques for over 25 years to produce the fresh and flavourful veg that is found at our market stalls. Farmers markets are a timeless model of buying and selling food from over 5,000 years ago. At our stalls we display the huge variety of fresh seasonal veg every week.
We now partner with other certified organic farms to produce some of our field and root veg allowing us to use longer crop rotations on our land and help the farm get through the “hungry gap” in the late winter and early spring, when even our greenhouse crops grow slowly in the short, cold days of Winter
In our greenhouses, tunnels and fields we grow an incredibly diverse range of seasonal crops of every type from leafy salads, herbs, kales, artichokes, Italian bitter leaves such as puntarella, 5 types of Pak choi to name a few
As our greenhouses are unheated, we wait till April to plant our frost sensitive crops like basil, aubergines, peppers, courgettes and 20 types of heritage tomatoes, which bring a riot of colour and taste to the summer and autumn.
This means all year round our market stalls offer interesting fresh organic veg for everyone to discover and enjoy.

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Due to staff shortages the boxscheme is now suspended.


We are often looking for people to work on our farmers markets stalls, both people living in London and for people driving from Cambridge. Please contact via the ‘contact us’ link. 


Fresh Organic Produce