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Monthly Archives: May 2016


Winter purslane

CURIOUS FACTS: Miner’s Lettuce (Claytona Perfoliata) is also called Winter Purslane, Indian Lettuce, Spring Beauty and Miner’s Green, which are all names that reveal a bit about this amazing and succulent wild green superfood. NUTRITION: High in vitamin C, beta carotene and protein. Some of the health benefits of purslane include its ability to help […]


Purple gnocci and sage butter

CURIOUS FACTS: All Blue potatoes are probably the most direct descendant of potatoes found almost 10,000 years ago high in the Peruvian Andes mountains. NUTRITION: Blue potatoes have more than double the level of antioxidant-rich flavonoids than either white-fleshed or sweet potatoes. Flavonoids provide us with antioxidant protection against chronic disease, are anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and […]


Tuscan kale green bean pesto

CURIOUS FACTS: Known as ‘Dinosaur Kale’ in the US because of its reptilian texture, Tuscan Kale is also a staple food in Kenya. Sukuma Wiki is their name for a dish of sautéed kale. Kale juice is also the most popular health food in Japan! NUTRITION: Kale is fast growing a reputation as a miraculous […]